Adam Hambrick

When Universal Music Nashville came to us for a lyric video for Adam Hambrick – one of country music’s fastest rising stars – we jumped at the opportunity. Adam wanted to work directly with the designer to come up with a concept for his new hit song, “All You, All Night, All Summer”. The lyrics harken back to those long summer nights that we wished would never end, and Adam wanted to carry this nostalgic feeling through to the look and feel of the video.

The single artwork for the song was our jumping-off point, which made use of hazy, washed-out colors in a photograph of Adam in Los Angeles. The photo was set into two mattes, as if you were looking at the page of a photo album. The designer took this concept and ran with it, pitching an idea where the camera would move around a collection of videos set into mattes, laid out alongside the lyrics to the song.

We were able to work with Adam and his team, who were just starting a west coast tour, to get plenty of footage of Adam in LA along with a wealth of summery b-roll shots. The footage was edited together with camera-moves timed to the lyrics of the song, with the result being a lyric video that Adam absolutely loved.

How we helped

  • Lyric Video Production
  • Motion Design

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Original Single Artwork

This single artwork provided by Adam Hambrick served as the inspiration for the lyric video's styling.