Brantley Gilbert

Well-known Country Music singer and songwriter, Brantley Gilbert, came to us looking for something out of the ordinary, bringing with him a new song slated for release on the popular holiday of 4/20. ​“Welcome to Hazeville”​ is a stoner’s anthem set to dark and hard hitting beats, along with eerie backup vocals from Lukas Nelson and surprise feature from country music legend Willie Nelson.

We took the nonchalant and humorous nature of the lyrics as well as the spooky production and transformed it into a Scooby Doo inspired music video, perfect for anyone’s Saturday-morning bowl of cereal. Using traditional methods of cartooning, Brantley, Colt, Lukas and Willie were reanimated in the classic Hannah-Barbera art style, and together solve the mystery of the Mothman!

How we helped

  • Character & Concept Art
  • Hand Drawn Illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Frame by Frame Animation

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