Kelly Clarkson

RCA approached our creative team looking for concepts for an upcoming Kelly Clarkson single titled, “Invincible.” The single, a powerful anthem about overcoming adversity and learning to thrive after trials and tribulations, called for an equally powerful visual partner.

We prepared a concept unlike anything our team had produced before. Physical, three-dimensional letters and words would be acted upon and sometimes engulfed by their surroundings, mirroring the song’s theme of journeying from a dark place emotionally to a bright and bold one.

With the single’s launch date rapidly approaching, production happened in record time. Props, camera equipment supplies, and practical effects rigs were gathered and prepared for a video shoot, which would take place in a conference room-turned-video studio. With the help of a videographer and two production assistants, every shot was captured in one, thirteen hour shoot.

The video footage was edited together, with the rest of the lyrics added in digitally, over the course of the next two days, with the final video delivered in under a week from the concept’s approval. At the time of writing, the Invincible lyric video has garnered over 650,000 views, and to further support the single launch, social media content was created from b-roll and stills from the video shoot as well.

How we helped

  • Visual Concepting
  • Pre-Production
  • Lyric Video Shoot & Production
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Social Media Promotions

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